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Ahead of the Game clearly lays out the basics of identification, management, and treatment of concussion in kids, and details the vital steps we can take to protect their most vital organ--the brain--before an injury occurs.

Ahead of the Game: The Parents' Guide to Youth Sports Concussion

What People are Saying…


"Moser offers helpful, concrete, and eye-opening information about identifying a concussion, asking for preseason baseline testing, and deciding when to return to play ("when in doubt, sit it out")."--Booklist

"This short but powerful look at sports-related concussions in children and teens should be required reading for all parents whose children want to participate in contact sports like football and hockey. . . . her book is aimed at helping parents "understand, prevent, identify, and seek treatment" for concussion in their kids. She is excellent at dispelling concussion myths, explaining how you do not have to hit your head to sustain a concussion, that children might not exhibit concussion symptoms until days after a hard hit or tackle, and how you can't determine how serious a concussion is until after an athlete has recovered."--Publishers Weekly

“This thoroughly readable book brilliantly provides parents, coaches and others working with children in all sports, with the most important lessons and information needed to protect young minds.”

(Brooke de Lench, MomsTeam | Founder/Publisher
Author: HOME TEAM ADVANTAGE: The Critical Role of Mothers In Youth Sports -HarperCollins)

“Dr. Moser successfully takes on the mission to educate and share her experience and knowledge as a neuropsychologist, researcher and sports mom to help other parents understand the critical importance of keeping kids' brains safe."

(Harry Carson, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2006
Author: Captain For Life -St. Martin’s Press)

Ahead of the Game
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